The Adler Frame Building

The Adler Frame Building is an existing 5 story brick and concrete loft style commercial building located at 608 N. 21st Street/2035 Washington.

The property was constructed in 1918 originally as a printer's loft building. The building has had several uses over the years most recently as multi-tenant commercial artist studio building. The property consists of approximately 50,000 square feet of finished space above grade with a partial basement. Loads are supported by "mushroom" type concrete columns with floors of concrete covered with industrial maple wood flooring.

Each floor plate has 8,500 square feet of residential floor space and is served by an elevator. The building has metal frame factory type glazed windows.

The building is now developed into thirty-three loft condominiums on the second through fifth floors with commercial space on the first floor for a restaurant/specialty retail uses.

Building amenities include lower level storage for each unit, a common fitness room, decks on 14 units facing the downtown skyline, and a recycling area. Fifth floor units will have a rooftop penthouse, complete with additional sleeping quarters, deck and second bath.